More of Yourself


I just finished watching the Queen Latifah show and the show was dedicated to her birthday-which is today. She had some great guests on her show, especially Terrance Howard…Gawd I love that man; but the biggest highlight, for me, came from Oprahs simple, yet effective statement, “That’s what getting older is about-becoming more of yourself”.

I just turned 39 on Thursday and I’ve noticed that my attitude about who I am has dramatically changed. I used to hide the real person I was in fear of rejection or persecution, but about a year ago, out of no where, I just didn’t care anymore. I looked at myself long and hard; I looked deep within myself and couldn’t find anything that made me unhappy. In fact, on that day, I was renewed. I fell deeply in love with myself and the woman I had become. “Why did I hide all this from the world?” “How could they not love me too?”, are the questions I asked myself. As I sat back and took it all in, a word I first heard, about a year and a half prior, came into my mind-Irie. Irie is a Jamaican word, mostly used by Rastafarians, and it means to be high on life or at peace with your present situation in life. From that day forward, Irie has become my everything and I no longer care if anyone else likes who I am and I will live my life for my own happiness, my own peace, and my own way-no longer afraid of how “they” would receive me.

I am older and more myself. I am….Irie! Thank you Oprah for giving me the “o.k.” and happy birthday Queen!

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