Blogging Newbie


If you haven’t noticed already, I am new to the blogging community and my technical skills are non-existent. Learning to blog has been a challenge for me. I have spent countless hours researching how to blog, where to blog, the cost of blogging, and blogging topics. There have been several moments when I just didn’t want to embrace the idea because it was too complicated. I wasn’t sure if people would find my writing interesting or if my writing was as good as I thought it was.

After months of research, reading, and over analyzing, I have decided to stop thinking and just write. If I’m going to be a creative writer, I must write; I must put my work out into the universe in order to build my brand. Blogging is the best way to self promote, inform the public, inspire others, build a platform, and connect with like-minded people.

At this moment, I am a blogging newbie, but with time and practice, I will become a blogging vet; after all, I am a creative writer.

Mental Illness – ILLNESS



Stop…Calling suicidal people weak-they are not weak but dealing with excruciating emotional pain that is both distressing and debilitating. The burden is so heavy that they can’t see any better option. That stigma is both ignorant and insensitive and a prime reason why those in distress don’t seek help.

Stop…Calling people crazy-mental illness is just that an illness- an insidious illness just like cancer. No one asks for it or deserves it but it will still come without an invitation.

Stop…Telling people to get over it-you don’t tell cancer patients to get over it. This is the worst thing you can say to someone. If it was just that easy to snap out of it they would. No one wants to be alive yet not living.

Stop…Telling people to just pray about it-nine times out of ten, they have prayed and prayed and is all prayed out, that’s why they have come to you. All you are really saying is, “I really don’t care, take your problem elsewhere.”

And finally,

Stop…Gloating/celebrating someone’s storm-Instead of spending an hour on the “chat line” with your friends to gleefully discuss the downfall of another, hit your knees in prayer for them. Pray that God will deliver them from evil and to loose the stronghold that has their mind.