Blogging Newbie


If you haven’t noticed already, I am new to the blogging community and my technical skills are non-existent. Learning to blog has been a challenge for me. I have spent countless hours researching how to blog, where to blog, the cost of blogging, and blogging topics. There have been several moments when I just didn’t want to embrace the idea because it was too complicated. I wasn’t sure if people would find my writing interesting or if my writing was as good as I thought it was.

After months of research, reading, and over analyzing, I have decided to stop thinking and just write. If I’m going to be a creative writer, I must write; I must put my work out into the universe in order to build my brand. Blogging is the best way to self promote, inform the public, inspire others, build a platform, and connect with like-minded people.

At this moment, I am a blogging newbie, but with time and practice, I will become a blogging vet; after all, I am a creative writer.