Save Your Judgement


Keep living and you’ll keep learning…is what I heard from my elders on a regular bases. I am six months away from 40 and I have racked up A LOT…of lessons.

One of the biggest life lessons that I have learned and come to accept but not respect, is that people will always judge you. I am on a few social media sites and when I read some of the comments, I want to scream.

Social media is a place to express our thoughts, feelings, and concerns. But the abusive language that is used to tear down another because of their “bad” or “unethical” behavior is sick and just as disgusting as the problem you claim to detest.

These cyber psychologists often forget or ignore the fact that they have a closet full of bones themselves. Just because you hide the fact that you sleep with married men, have had 10 abortions, or that you sleep around on your wife, does not make you fit to judge another person who decides to be open about their mistakes–past or present.

For the past few weeks there has been several upsetting stories in the media and these “psychologists” were on top of it. Calling people unfit parents when they themselves could use some parenting classes or a visit from CPS because they have no qualms about leaving their 9 year old home alone to babysit their 9 month old while they go out to “turn up”.

Then there’s those cyber psychologists that think they know the celebrities they love to hate. Supposedly they wouldn’t want Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj to speak at their childs schools because they’re not good “role models”. Again I say, what kind of role model are you to your own children? Sending child support but not spending time with your child(ren) does not satisfy the role model criteria; nor does putting a man before your child(ren).

Yet these same type of judgemental people find their way to these social outlets and spit poison from the same lips they just used to pray for favor. We all have error in our ways, but as long a we keep living…we’ll keep learning; so with that, save your judgement because we all have fallen short.

Music credit: No Angel by Beyoncé

Album: Beyoncé